Mace manufactures and sells the famous Mace brand pepper sprays and other self-defense products such as safety flashers, personal alarms and childproofing equipment.
FaceFlow is a chat system, similar to the popular Skype and Chatroulette, With which you can do video chat with anonymous people from anywhere in the world. is a very simple, secure and straight forward way to access your POP or IMAP account on the road with just a web browser and connection.
The Reflections Group is an International technology advisory firm, based in Kirkland, Washington.The firm focuses on Information Technology, MIS, and related activities

Wireframing and Prototyping
Wireframes and rapid prototypes help to quickly define your project, also they help foresee usability problems before starting any implementation.
Web and Application User Interface Design
The best design for your application is not just about good features and graphics, it is about defining and meeting users' expectations at the level where interaction takes place.
Project Planning and Management
Creative and technical skills are managed by our solid management team that relies on development standards, research, controlled delivery, and resource allocation as well as critical situation management.
Full Programming Services
I'm a seasoned developer with over 12 years experience. I can provide product solutions in the following languages and technologies:
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System Architecture
Defining the structure and behavior of your project requires strong experience with quality attributes, techniques, and practices specific to the environment of the application.
API and Mashups
There is a tendency for open information and cross-platform communication, therefore the need for APIs is high and the opportunity of combining services becomes feasible.
CDN/DNS Management
With a constant increase ofusers, strong traffic spikes and a variety of multimedia files distributed over the web, a distribution network will give you more control of delivery and load and a much better user experience.
I proactively monitor my clients servers and act to DDoS (denial of service) and other types of attacks, like sql injections, cross site scripting, and exploits.
Community and Social Media Management
We have gathered extended experience in building, launching, and managing social networks or integrating and building layers on top of existing ones.
iPhone/ iPad/ANDROID SDK
Either for business or gaming purposes, we help you combine the power of the internet with the flexibility of mobile devices and the beauty of touch screen technology.
Content Management Systems
I can customize existing commercial frameworks or design and develop custom-made solutions from scratch, whatever fits your project's need.
Maintenance, Backup and Future Development
I take continuous care of your needs, realize frequent back-ups in incremental stages, monitor current systems or plan for future development.
LAMP Development
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is widely used for developing modern day websites. I extensively use PHP/MySQL for developing flexible and scalable websites.
Development, installation and support for Windows Media Streaming, Real, Quicktime Streaming Server, MPEG-4/x264, Mobile Services, Wowza, Red5, Adobe FMS
SERVER administration
Linux* and Windows* configuration, administration, performance tuning, monitoring, and hardening services.
Flash ActionScript
Creating rich powerful Flash applications and animations that don't just look good require mad Actionscript knowledge.
MVC Architecture
I have a full understanding of the MVC architecture for developing websites with frameworks such as Zend, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter
By giving browsers the possibility to talk asynchronous with the webservers, developers are able to create more user-friendly interfaces.
Text messaging/SMS API
Send ad-supported text messages from your website in an instant.
We make sure your website is pixel perfect across all browsers (yes, even IE6). Integrate feeds to keep your visitors happy or aggregate content.
The boom of the web 2.0 offers an API to send and check twitts. Twitter integration into your applications is possible.
SECURITy / hardening
Different services of the biggest web company are available through API systems. Google provides maps, analytics, etc.
I work frequently with some of the most popular e-commerce and blog applications, such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and osCommerce.
Facebook API
Fully integrate your website with the world's biggest social network by building an app or authenticating with Facebook Connect.
Twitter API
The boom of the web 2.0 offers an API to send and check twitts. Twitter integration into your applications is possible.
Google API
Different services of the biggest web company are available through API systems. Google provides maps, analytics, etc.
Yahoo! APIs
There are a multitude of public Yahoo APIs. Building rich websites with Yahoo! Answers, Delicious, Finance, Maps, etc. is a walk in the park.
Amazon API
One of the finest cloud computing services are provided through Amazon API. Scale your app and costs to your traffic needs.